Play Everything

Guilt, fear and excuses are a terrible combination when it comes to writing blog posts – but it’s also been a busy time, to say the least.

For one thing, we have a book that came out last week.  It was only today (and thanks to the thoughtfulness of Marc Armitage) that Suzanna and I got our own copies.  It was hard to read mine at first because my hands kept shaking uncontrollably.  Holding a book with my name on the cover is the oldest longing I can recall.  At the time of writing,  it’s out of stock in the US.

At the moment though, we’re in Australia finishing up a tour organized by Malarkey.  It’s been an astonishing few weeks so far, with much more yet to come.  For one thing, we’ve seen kangaroos and galahs but no koalas at all!  This state of affairs simply cannot stand.

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