Outdoor learning in the early years

After graduating from my B.Ed degree in 2013 I went on to study for M.Ed and finally graduated this year (2015). I wanted my M.Ed research to connect to my B.Ed thesis (the reason this webpage was created). As a result my research focused on Risky Play in Icelandic Preschools (link to research paper – http://hdl.handle.net/1946/21910).

Here are the results of my research:
The results of this research show that overall play areas in Icelandic preschools offer some opportunities for risky play, especially climbing. However, these opportunities are limited due to the equipment only providing minimum risk and the preschool teachers’ perspectives and approaches to risky play. The research also found that the majority of preschool teachers in Iceland do not have a clear understanding of risky play, believing it is only climbing or rough and tumble play. Risky play in Icelandic preschools is, in many cases, controlled by the…

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