Policy for Play

Can the ‘top-ten’ features of a child-friendly city really not include play? Adrian Voce thinks not, and proposes an alternative list.

 ‘Children in cities need a variety of places in which to play and to learn … an unspecified, outdoor home base from which to play, to hang around in and to help form their notions of the world’ 

– Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities (1961)

 ‘(Children) being able to have fun in public spaces and participate in cultural life is one of the hallmarks of a vital and vibrant city’.

– First Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, Guide to Preparing Play Strategies (2005)

A recent blog by the Canadian urbanist, Jillian Glover identified the ten features she believes are the key to building child-friendly cities. Suggesting that with the right kind of planning ‘cities can provide children with a more active lifestyle, access…

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