White City Play Project

Because of recent observations of object play during outreach sessions, we took a tub of bits and bobs (old barrel insides and casings of locks and other things you find as ornaments on doors) to a session last week:

Object Play 1

A group of children sat out on the pavement for most of the session with the tub of bits and bobs and with hammers and nails and screws and screwdrivers. Plenty of focused play took place here and, on reflection, at least two of Bob Hughes’ 16 Play Types (probably more) were going on:

‘Object play [or] problem solving play . . . Playing with objects is a powerful revelatory element in the play process. Its repetitive and focused nature makes possible the discovery of uses and functions.’

‘Creative play [or] inventive play . . . When imaginatively provided for — where children have access to lots of different creative mediums…

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