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BLF=Wellbeing-Instagram-Graphic-1080px=Apr16-PhysicalActAs part of our focus this week on wellbeing, today we’re looking at physical activity

Physical activity, such as walking or gardening, can improve your ‘general fitness’ while also helping your mental wellbeing. Much of the Wellbeing 2 funding supported communities to become more physically active by offering improved access or opportunities to physical activities.

What the funding delivered

  • A 41% increase in adults taking part in some ‘vigorous activity’.
  • A decrease from 36% to 21% of young people undertaking no moderate activity.
  • The number of people who had a high level of physical activity increased from 27% (at the beginning of the programme) to 36% (three to six months after it ended).

What can Wellbeing 2 tell us about physical activity?

  1. Often the most popular activities are led by those who are participating. Encourage participants to design, plan and deliver their own activities.
  2. Different ways of providing projects can reach different…

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