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Welsh children are falling behind in the happiness stakes because they spend too much time indoors.

That’s according to nearly half of adults here who worry their children or grandchildren aren’t as happy as they were at the same age.

36% of people in Wales believe they were much happier as a child themselves, with 94% stating the reason for this being that they spent more time outdoors rather than sitting in front of a screen.

The survey was conducted by a camping and caravanning club as part of a campaign to “Get Kids Outdoors with Camping”.

It researched the amount of time today’s Welsh kids spend indoors versus outdoors, and the perceived effects this could be having on their level of mental and physical wellbeing.

Credit: PA images

The survey revealed that nine in ten adults believe that spending more time outdoors and going on camping trips would help improve children’s social skills and mental health, because it would teach them how to interact, adapt and operate in real life and practical situations.

Yet 52% admit their children don’t spend enough time outdoors and more than two thirds (68%) say their children spend more time indoors than outdoors.

Furthermore, 70% of all Welsh adults believe that social media and online gaming have a negative effect on children’s ability to engage and interact in real life situations.

Being active and having quality family time are two things that help children and young people thrive. Getting out and about together on an exciting camping adventure or for a walk to the local park is positive mentally and physically. As well as health benefits, spending less time online could reduce the hidden dangers children are exposed to online.


Launching next week, the “Get Kids Outdoors with Camping” will see The Camping and Caravanning Club embark on a national roadshow, to demonstrate the mental and physical benefits that getting out into the great outdoors can have on adults and children alike.

Last updated Thu 26 May 2016