With Mothers day just next weekend in the next few days I will post a few really simple, fun and effective ideas that are just great to make with the kids…

5 Things you can make from a milk bottle

  • Make a Milk Bottle bird. We’ve made these a few times and they are really easy and the kids love to help make them and fly them. Details Here
  • Make a Garden / pet food / cereal scoop. Easy!
  • Make a simple money box. You’ll be saving the pennies just by making your own.
  • Make a watering can. Keep the garden watered by using this simple idea. Remember the water butt to use the rain water.
  • Make an Elephant. Just a great craft idea that the kids will ejoy making. “Nelly the Elephant packed her trunk…”

We have loads more ideas for reusing various things that may be recycled or
thrown away every week. Look out for ideas coming soon from WPA